Case Study | Coleshill STW

COSTAIN & CiM6 (Costain Integrated with MWH for AMP6)

The project

Supply, installation and commissioning of the polymer make-up and dosing equipment for Coleshill STW

The kiosk was designed to be supported on a steel frame and incorporates three polymer dosing skids, with additional space for a fourth one. All the skids have been contained within stainless steel bunds with; level sensors, eyewash facilities and kiosk services (lighting, heating, ventilation).


This design allowed Richard Alan to assemble the kiosk with the internal equipment (dosing skids and kiosk services) in its workshop. All the kiosk internal equipment was tested and inspected before delivery and the four lifting lugs on the steel base facilitated an easy install of the kiosk on site, having only to connect the mains pipework and electricals.

The Kiosk

The kiosk shell (without the base) was delivered to the Richard Alan workshop, the base frame and dosing skids were then assembled and installed before the kiosk was lifted and bolted to the steel base frame.
The equipment was inspected and tested by both RAE and CiM6 personnel. When the site was prepared the kiosk was delivered to site.
The kiosk being installed

The current kiosk design had reduced significantly the time spent on site by Richard Alan operatives and there were no snags associated with the kiosk installation, internal equipment or kiosk services.

What our customers say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers had to say

To go from concept to installed in less than 2 weeks is testament to all those involved at your end and ours.
Ian Benbow - Valtris Production Manager commented.
This project would not have been possible without the support of Richard Alan
Giles Colwill - Mechanical Engineer Valtris Chemicals Ltd

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