Rental & Leasing Packages

Richard Alan’s portfolio includes an equipment Rental, Leasing and Servicing department. The dedicated team work closely with our customers to understand their requirements; allowing the customer flexibility to dictate how great or small they desire the package to be, benefiting from a superior, in house solution.

To discuss your next project with a member of our Rental and Leasing team, please call them on 01924 467040 or email your enquiry to our Rental & Leasing team


Rental service meets the demand for flexible options to use in scheduled maintenance, refurbishments and problem solving, overcoming challenges like emergency shut-down.

• Dedicated pre-configured fleet for hire
• Profoundly reactive and tailored for fast deployment
• Quick and easy solution 
• Operations can continue to function uninterrupted; maintaining quality and standard process


Bespoke leasing contract for standard equipment, alongside our other services, allows customers the flexibility to fund their new equipment purchase through a fixed payment finance option, decided by the customer.

• Allowing our customers to keep their budgets intact
• Spread the cost over financial budget terms
• Flexible terms 
• In addition to leasing, add a maintenance package, for a whole life cost and peace of mind 

Renting and leasing water and wastewater equipment