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Modular Bolted Storage Tanks - New Product Offering

Richard Alan is pleased to announce that it is adding a full range of cylindrical, bolted steel tanks to its existing product range.

For many years, Richard Alan has been supplying equipment into the municipal and industrial wastewater markets and has been interfacing with equipment on or around these tanks for many years.

As existing customers will know, Richard Alan has manufactured cylindrical, welded steel tanks, silos and pressure vessels for many years and this comes as a natural extension of its range, adding the ability to service greater storage volumes with an on-site, bolted, modular steel tank product.

Richard Alan’s decision to support its customers with this product is the result of many months of development and detailed engagement with industry experts, specialist manufacturers and the wider supply chain to ensure that the product offering meets all expected industry requirements, with the added benefit of an outstanding reputation for customer support, first-class engineering, project delivery and safety. 

A range of products is available with Glass-Fused-to-Steel, Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated steel and stainless steel options being offered, along with a range of tank roofs and the ancillary items that have been provided on its welded tanks for years. Pipework, access steelwork, ladders and distribution chambers, all provided in-house. For more detail on these products please visit our Modular Bolted Storage Tanks main page.

Richard Alan looks forward to supporting its existing customers with this new product offering and to welcoming new customers to the wide range of products and services provided by the Richard Alan Group of Companies.

To discuss your next project with a member of our Bolted Tanks team, please call them on 01924 467040 or email your enquiry to MBST bolted tanks team


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