Richard Alan Engineering Achieve 100% in 2018 Achilles Audit

Achilles Auditors have completed their yearly 2-day UVDB Verify Audit and we are very proud to announce that Richard Alan Engineering have achieved a Management Systems Score of 100% with the site-based score exceeding 99%. 

Richard Alan Engineering receive a 100% score in Achilles 2018 audit

The Achilles audit process is a detailed review of our Management Systems and site operations and takes into account:

  • Health & Safety

  • Environment

  • Quality

  • Corporate and Social Responsibility

Nick Harker Group Health and Safety Manager commented,

“This is a positive improvement over last year’s 97% audit score. 100% is a difficult score for any organisation to achieve in an Achilles audit and I would like to extend a thank you to everyone for their commitment over the last 12 months."

"This result will offer our existing and potential customers some real confidence in selecting Richard Alan as a delivery partner”

Let’s hope we can maintain our success for the remainder of 2018 and beyond.


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